Language Matters: The Power of Choosing Your Words Wisely

podcast Mar 09, 2023

In any negotiation or conversation, language matters.

Our choice of words has the power to either create a collaborative environment or an antagonistic one, and we can better inform the outcome when we practice beforehand.

Our mindset flavors the conversations we’ll have, and before the negotiation, we can try on different words for size to see what works best.

How do we start this practice internally and then in lower stakes negotiations?

In this episode, I talk about the power of selecting and practicing your mindset before the negotiation.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to eliminate negativity from the conversation
    What words would create an antagonistic, tug-of-war negotiation?

  • How to encourage shared success
    What language can we use to create an intersectional alignment of goals?

  • Why buzzwords might not work in our favor
    Can coming up with a set script actually work against the conversational environment we’re trying to create?


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