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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:
1. Why your Attending job feels so different than what you imagined as a resident
hint: it's not because you chose the wrong career
2. How to Re-connect with the Job you THOUGHT you were taking Its not hopeless, you can remember and even design a job BETTER than what you thought you signed up for
3 How to Make it HAPPEN
(Because it's nice to dream about what would be great, but if you can't make it happen who cares?)


You have worked too hard to be Undervalued and Underpaid

Do not try to convince yourself that the initial contract offer is good enough.

Your career is too important to let your pay be determined by someone else.


Understand the Data

Receive personalized MGMA pay data for your specialty & region.

Step into Your Value

Leverage your value with the organization’s needs and be clear on the skills, experiences and strengths that set you apart from others.

Communicate with Ease

Be prepared for every aspect of the negotiation (including when & how to walk away)

We believe in fair compensation and removing the gender gap in pay for female physicians. Negotiation skills are learned and will change the trajectory of your career.

❊ Physicians of all specialties are served in this program 

❊ Clients negotiate Multiple 10,000's in higher compensation and benefits from working with us 

❊ Save time and frustration by working with a coach before the negotiation begins

At Simply Street MD we know that you want confidence negotiating an employment contract.

In order to do that, you need to know your value.

The problem is, there is no training in medical school for this.

And you’ve worked hard to master your skills and it’s wrong for you to feel like you have the weaker hand in negotiation.

Linda Street, M.D. combines her experience as a medical subspecialist and life coach, with data on physician pay to help you move past labels with clarity and confidence.

You know, those labels many female physicians get when asking to be paid fairly... greedy... uncaring... selfish.

That drives us crazy.


Stop trying to convince yourself that an initial employment offer is good enough. 

Instead, invest in yourself and learn the skills to negotiate with confidence.  Your work as a physician deserves to be valued and compensated.


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Download our free guide and avoid the 5 common mistakes physicians make with contract negotiations.