Comment on FTC proposal to Ban Noncompetes! 

Need help with what to say? 

Need help with what to say? Here are some Ideas you can copy and paste or use as prompts! 

"I support a federal ban on noncompetes.  As a physician  I have directly felt their impact and saw how it impacted the patients I was no longer able to serve since I had to leave the community in order to leave my job." 

"I support a federal ban on noncompetes.  We're currently in a physician shortage.  Non-competes are an undue burden and lead to physicians either stopping the practice of medicine completely or leaving their communities either temporarily or permanently.  Both of these outcomes only worsen this shortage and directly impact the health of the American people." 

 "I support a federal ban on noncompetes.  I have personally been impacted by a noncompete clause and it led to (INSERT unnecessary suffering/consequences here)"

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