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I highly recommend our Signature course Control your Contract where you have full support so you can confidently navigate every negotiation for the REST of your career.  

We efficiently cover everything you need to advocate for yourself effectively in your contract negotiation and every day as you navigate life as an employed physician and pair it with a personalized 1:1 session to iron out all the details. 

Throw in weekly group coaching, community, conversation intelligence, amazing experts and CME and you'll have everything you need for every crucial conversation or negotiation you encounter.

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The Ultimate DIY. 

Need the latest Market data but already feel confident to tackle your negotiation?  This a la carte option may be right for you! 

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On occasion if schedules permit we offer a 1:1 strategy session a la carte from the group as well.  Since the group is our priority please reach out to check about availability if desired. 


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