Your First Contract Negotiation: How to Advocate For Yourself Effectively with Dr. Tonya Caylor

podcast Feb 02, 2023

For residents making the leap into their very first job, navigating interviews, contracts and salary negotiations can feel like a minefield.

On one hand, you want to make sure the value you bring to the table is reflected, but on the other hand, you’re socialized to take whatever’s offered because of your inexperience.

How do we make sure we’re not short-changing ourselves at the negotiating table?

What are some of the unique pieces of the contract we need to consider?

In this episode, I’m joined by Academic Physician Coach, speaker, and founder of Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services®, Dr. Tonya Caylor.

We talk about setting yourself up for success in your first negotiation.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why you shouldn’t use your newness to discount yourself
    When our employers say there’s no room for more money in our packages, should we advocate for ourselves or just accept what’s on the table?

  • What we have to consider about sign-on and moving bonuses
    How do we insulate ourselves from complications if the job doesn’t work out long-term?

  • The power of internal marketing
    Why do we need to put ourselves in work environments that allow us to highlight what we love about medicine?


Guest Bio

Dr. Tonya Caylor is an Academic Physician Coach for Family Medicine Residencies and Speaker for Physician Professional Fulfillment and well-being. She founded Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services® after realizing physician coaching's power and seeing a paucity of it at the residency level.

Dr. Caylor developed a curriculum and coaching program to give physicians the tools they need to enjoy their lives and thrive in their chosen careers. She remains active clinically as on-call faculty for the Alaska Family Medicine Residency and for the local FQHC.

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