The Forces of Fairness in a Negotiation & How to Make Them Work for You

podcast Jan 26, 2023

In any negotiation, fairness is usually a front-of-mind concept - in fact, it’s often the measure with which we judge the success of the entire process.

But here’s the challenge, fairness isn’t as simple as a singular yardstick.

It’s actually made up of multiple facets that sometimes conflict with each other.

With that in mind, how do we take fairness to the negotiating table and make sure we’re ticking the boxes that matter?

In this episode, I share how to approach the concept of fairness so that you walk into the negotiation with a tangible way to achieve it.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to determine what a fair offer looks like for you
    How do you move forward when fairness has multiple norms that often conflict with one another?

  • The interplay between equality and equity
    Is it possible to get something that’s equal to everyone else while also taking previous barriers into account?

  • How to make fairness a priority for your employer
    Can we have fairness when the other side wants to maintain the status quo?


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