Stop Using Grit Against Yourself: How to Quit When the Job Becomes a Dealbreaker

podcast Jan 19, 2023

Getting a job that serves us often requires us to tweak or modify our current work environment, but what if the situation is too far gone and too toxic to salvage?

Many of us are guilty of staying in negative situations a lot longer than we should, damaging not only our careers but also our health.

We’re typically more biased towards staying with the devil we know, even if it destroys us, so how do we combat it?

In this episode, I’m sharing how to know when quitting is the only option, and why severing the tie sooner than later saves us a ton of pain and anguish.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Comfort vs. predictability
    What makes us hesitant to change jobs even when we know it’s harming us?

  • Ways to safeguard against staying too long in a bad situation
    How do we create a “prenup” with our jobs and insulate ourselves from staying longer than we should?

  • The perils of grit
    Resilience is something physicians are known and praised for, but how does it hurt us in our jobs?


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