Holidays are Perfect for Transformational Conversations: Here's How to Make Them Happen with Ali Novitsky

podcast Dec 01, 2022

Conversations - the ones we have with ourselves, and the ones we have with others - are such everyday, autopilot things, we can easily forget how powerful they can be.

By fine-tuning our conversational skills, we can tap into a world of possibilities and create moments of transformation, whether it’s in your next negotiation, or at the dinner table over the holidays.

What are the ingredients of a transformational conversation?

How do we get past the natural tendencies that make it hard for us to open up??

In this special throwback episode, I’m joined by certified life coach, fitness enthusiast, podcast host, and founder of Life Coaching For Women Physicians, Ali Novitsky.

We talk about the power of upping our conversational intelligence.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to identify an opening for a transformational conversation
    Is every interaction an opportunity to go beyond an informational exchange?

  • High trust vs. low trust conversations
    Transformational conversations are built on vulnerability. How do we remove the protective mechanisms that keep us from it?

  • How to take the cortisol out of our conversations
    How do we have more conversations in a curious, brainstorming mode instead of being attached to a specific outcome and direction?

Guest Bio

Ali Novitsky is a certified life coach, fitness enthusiast, podcast host, and founder of Life Coaching For Women Physicians. Board-certified in Obesity Medicine, her program focuses on overcoming the challenges that physicians face and transforming their thoughts so that they can become the fittest version of themselves in Mind and Body.

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