They Can’t Read Your Mind: How to Communicate What You Need From Your Job

podcast Nov 17, 2022

To have a job that truly serves us and allows us to thrive at the highest level, certain boundaries and conditions need to be present.

We may be acutely aware of what these things are for ourselves, but our employers can’t read our minds.

We have to express our unique needs and spell them out so we can get the support we need to thrive in our jobs.

How do we get key decision-makers to understand the day-to-day challenges we have in our jobs and the improvements we need?

In this episode, I talk about how to express what you require to be your best (and happiest) at work.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why our employers might not understand what we’re dealing with
    The people who make the decisions on what our day-to-day looks like are removed from our everyday clinical work. How do we let them in on what we’re experiencing in a way they will understand?

  • What we need to perform optimally
    How do you maximize the things you’re best equipped and most happy doing and minimize the soul-crushing aspects of the job?

  • The effect of voicing what we need to thrive in our jobs
    Retaining physicians is of utmost importance, especially now. How can we create space for our employers to support us?


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