Does Your Body Language Match Your Ask? A Guide to Non-Verbal Influence

podcast Nov 03, 2022

When we show up to a negotiation (or any conversation for that matter) it’s not just the words we say that make the ask, our body language does some speaking of its own too.

If we’re making a big, bold ask, but our body language screams small - our words won’t pack as much of a punch, making it very confusing for the person on the other end.

How do we create more alignment between our words and our body language? How do we make sure our confidence is equally heard and felt?

In this episode, I share a golden nugget from Kasia Urbaniak’s Unbound: A Woman's Guide to Power and how to fine-tune our non-verbal communication skills.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to enter a negotiation with dominant energy
    How do we make sure the energy of influence is going outward to the person we’re making the ask to, instead of being internalized?

  • Why body language carries into our voices
    In a virtual setup, can our body language be palpable even if it’s not visible?

  • How to exude confidence and influence
    Why is it so easy to grant the request of a charismatic person and how do we tap into that energy?


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