You Can't Control Other People: 2 Ways to Cope with This & Still Show Up as a Boss

podcast Oct 06, 2022

One of life’s biggest truths is that we have very little control over other people and how they show up and act.

Even in a negotiation, we can have all our ducks in a row and the best intentions, but we still can’t control how people respond to us advocating for ourselves.

The real challenge is accepting this and making sure we don’t let that mean anything about who we really are.

How do we make sure other people’s responses don’t take away our power?

In this episode, I offer two simple responses that save us from the frustration and disappointment of us not being in control of other people.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to blast through second-guessing and self-doubt
    There’s always a risk of backlash when we set boundaries, so how do we overcome feeling bad about that?

  • The mindset shift that will save you from a ton of despair
    “People are allowed to be wrong about me.” Why is this statement and belief so powerful?

  • How to advocate from a place of strength
    How do we know whether or not it serves us to say yes to a task?


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