Multi-Party Negotiations: How to Create a Win-Win Scenario for Everyone

podcast Sep 29, 2022

For many doctors, a negotiation isn’t as simple as a one-person to one-organization scenario - collective negotiations are pretty common.

There are many ways things can get a little dicey when multiple parties with different priorities, goals, and needs are involved.

Whether you’re negotiating in a space with multiple stakeholders or negotiating on behalf of a group, there are things we need to be mindful of to make it beneficial for everyone.

In this episode, I’ll share 3 key areas we need to pay attention to, and how we can negotiate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why collective negotiations hit a wall and how to avoid it
    How do coalitions, process management issues, and fluctuating BATNAs play into a group negotiation?

  • How to eliminate resentments before they even arise
    How do we deal with differences in priorities and goals in a way that stops us from feeling we got the short end of the stick?

  • How to efficiently manage all the moving pieces
    What steps can we put in place to account for all the moving pieces of a multi-party negotiation?


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