2 Powerful Negotiation Lessons From a Slightly Disastrous Real Estate Deal

podcast May 12, 2022

I recently dipped my toes into the world of real estate investing, and what I found really interesting is how transferable the skills we use to negotiate our contracts are in other arenas.

I didn’t get the result I was looking for, but I can safely say that my negotiation skills gave me the tools to get my offer accepted and walk away when the deal wasn’t serving me.

So what are the 2 contract negotiation tools that showed up in my foray into real estate?

In this episode, I share why negotiation is a skill you’ll use a lot more than you think.


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why negotiation is an important life skill we use everywhere
    Negotiation isn’t just a skill set you use when you’re negotiating a contract, where else does it show up?

  • Simple ways to sweeten the deal and make it a no-brainer for the other side
    What did we do to get our real estate offer accepted, beating our cash offers for more money?

  • Why we ultimately walked away from the deal and what it teaches us
    How do we empower ourselves to walk away from a deal that just won’t serve our goals?


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