The Biggest Barriers to a Smooth Exit & The Options You Have to Fight Them

podcast Apr 28, 2022

When we decide to leave a job that’s not serving us, it’s not always as easy as resigning and having a smooth exit.

Very often our contracts are riddled with hurdles and landmines that turn a simple exit into more of a full-on extrication, but that doesn’t mean we have no options.

What factors make it hard to exit in a painless way?

How do we deal with long notice periods and non-compete clauses?

In this episode, I pick up from last week and talk about what could possibly make a smooth exit impossible and what you can do about it.


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to prepare yourself to exit your contract
    Even if we’re getting a lawyer involved in the contract termination, what “pre-game homework” will make the process easier?

  • The challenges we might face during a notice period
    A notice period can be a really painful time to show up to work. How do we make sure we’re not there longer than we need to be?

  • The non-compete decision we all have to make
    If we’re going to wait out a non-compete, do we have other options to make it more bearable?


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