Dr. Elaine Stageberg on Turning Her Patient Communication Skills Into a Valuable Negotiation Skill Set

podcast Mar 31, 2022

Negotiation is a highly portable and transferable skill.

As physicians, we don’t immediately associate negotiation with what we do on a daily basis, but influencing our patients makes us far more skilled negotiators than we think.

I’m joined by a physician who took the negotiating skills she picked up in her patient interactions and applied them to a highly successful real estate business.

How do we shift our conversational skills into more of a business strategy?

How do we shift our mindset on negotiation so that we see it as a process of collaborative problem-solving?

In this episode, psychiatrist and owner of Black Swan Real Estate, Elaine Stageberg, shares how doctors can apply the negotiation skills we gain from our work to other areas of our lives.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The power of a physician’s negotiation skills
    How do we apply the negotiation skills we pick up from communicating with patients to our other business ventures?

  • Why negotiation doesn’t have to be a win-lose game
    How do we create a collaborative problem-solving environment in our negotiation instead of a combative, transactional one?

  • How to structure a deal where everyone wins
    Why do we have to approach negotiation from an “Infinite Game” mindset?

Guest Bio

Elaine Stageberg, MD, MHA is a psychiatrist, mother of 4, & Owner of Black Swan Real Estate. She owns & manages a portfolio of >$130 million in assets under management. Through real estate investing, she reached financial freedom in her 30s and now helps others to do the same. Black Swan has delivered exceptional returns to hundreds of passive investors.

For more information and to connect with Elaine in a 30-minute call, visit http://meetblackswan.com.

Book Mentioned

The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek


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