Getting Back on Track When the Job Doesn’t Match Your Expectations

podcast Mar 24, 2022

So you’ve successfully negotiated for a contract that aligns with you, but when you show up to work, you realize that it’s not what you signed up for.

Maybe it’s a total bait-and-switch situation, or there are some small boundaries that aren’t being honored.

When reality doesn’t quite match with what was advertised, how do you regroup and go back to the drawing board?

How do you determine if the job is even worth salvaging?

In this episode, I’m going to talk about ways to take action so you can get the job back on track or find something that better serves you.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Facts vs. stories
    How do we distinguish between the things that really need to be changed and things that our brains are just amplifying?

  • How to determine your non-negotiables
    When you were promised certain things that aren’t being honored, do you try to fix it or is it time to look for another option?

  • Why leaving a bad-fit environment is NOT a failure
    What valuable insights do we get out of a job we left early because it ultimately wasn’t what we signed up for?


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