Think Like an Entrepreneur, Show Up Like a Boss: Dr. Una on the Valuable Skill Every Physician Needs to Invest in Right Now

podcast Mar 10, 2022

Every physician is an entrepreneur, even if you’re employed.

The sooner we lean into this, the closer we get to the kind of contracts that reflect our worth and make us giddy with excitement.

We are our highest appreciating asset, and we simply can’t afford not to invest in and advocate for ourselves, even when it feels uncomfortable.

Everything we want in our careers already exists, but it’s outside of our comfort zones, and when we develop ourselves, we can boldly go after it.

How do we equip ourselves with the skills of a CEO and use them to our advantage at the negotiating table?

In this episode, the founder of the EntreMD Business School, and author of “The Entre MD Method”, Dr. Una returns to talk about her brand new book, and share more wisdom on how to carry ourselves like Fortune 500 CEOs.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Embracing discomfort is non-negotiable if we want something better
    Is racing after comfort getting in the way of a great contract that reflects our worth?

  • The only shortcut to success
    Is there a way to speed up the learning curve of building our entrepreneurial skills?

  • Why we have to start acting more like entrepreneurs not employees
    Medicine is changing rapidly and not often in the favor of physicians. What skills do we need to have in order to survive and even thrive?

Guest Bio

Dr. Una is an entrepreneur, physician, host of the EntreMD Podcast, founder of the EntreMD Business School, and author of The Entre MD Method. In the process of building her multi-site pediatric practice, Dr. Una developed a love for entrepreneurship and has since built other thriving businesses as well.

Over the years, she has learned that being a doctor and an entrepreneur do not have to be mutually exclusive. Now she is a better doctor and she has a greater impact on the healthcare industry because she is an entrepreneur.

Dr. Una helps other physicians and dentists build profitable businesses that give them the prestige, money and freedom they have worked so hard for.

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