How to Unlearn & Break the Habit of Not Advocating for Yourself...According to A Habits Expert w/Dr. Kristi Angevine

podcast Feb 17, 2022

Not advocating for ourselves is a deeply wired habit…surely it’s who we are by our very nature and it can’t be changed, right?

Well, according to a habits expert, no.

Even though not advocating for ourselves feels automatic and innate, it might just be an acquired behavior we can unlearn.

If you’ve been socialized to sit down, be quiet and be nice, can you start showing up differently?

In today’s episode, I’m joined by coach, founder and host of Habits on Purpose, Dr. Kristi Angevine.

We talk about how to get to the headspace of being worth advocating for, and actually put it into action.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Where the habit comes from
    How does socialization, culture and training affect how we show up for ourselves?

  • How to tell if we have the habit of not advocating for ourselves
    What steps can we take to create the psychological safety to actually identify the habit of not advocating for ourselves?

  • Simple ways to experiment with showing up
    If advocating for ourselves at work feels new and unfamiliar, how do we increase our risk tolerance in low stakes situations?

Guest Bio

Dr. Kristi Angevine is a habits expert, coach and host of Habits on Purpose. She helps high achieving overthinkers find true self confidence and uses cognitive psychology concepts and coaching tools to help find the root causes of why they repeatedly think how they think and do what they do.

To learn more about Kristi’s coaching programs, head over to, and listen to the podcast here or on your platform of choice. 




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