Healing the Healer: Traumatic Experiences in the Life of a Physician, How to Recognize Them & What We Can Do to Mend Our Souls w/Dr. Stacia Dearmin, MD

podcast Jan 27, 2022

In medicine, trauma is embedded in the work that we do.

From unexpected patient outcomes, witnessing people’s struggles, to Covid and the small, sneaky, cumulative ways our jobs can start to weigh on us.

In this line of work, we’re conditioned to be stoic, to tell ourselves that we’re okay even though a lot of trauma is heaped on us.

We pour a lot of ourselves into our patients and our loved ones, but we can’t pour from a cracked cup, let alone an empty one.

Why is the spectrum for what we view as trauma much wider than we think?

How do we uncover and identify the traumas we’ve been accumulating on the job?

In this episode, I’m joined by nationally recognized speaker, coach, writer, and founder of Thrive Physician, Dr. Stacia Dearmin.

We discuss trauma, a very important subject that’s affecting many lives in medicine, and the steps we can take to heal it.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • What constitutes a trauma response
    Even if a challenging experience ultimately turns out okay, how does that intermediate zone of uncertainty leave a traumatic residue?

  • The far-reaching effects of physician trauma
    Unaddressed trauma eats away at the very gift that brought us into medicine, which will impact our patients. Why is this issue at the heart of keeping much-needed talent in our industry?

  • Signs of trauma that show up in our daily lives
    What’s the difference between being tired from a busy day, and being depleted because we’re traumatized?

Guest Bio

Dr. Stacia Dearmin is a physician, speaker and coach. As founder and CEO of Thrive, she helps physicians faced with difficult patient outcomes and malpractice litigation to break through isolation and write their story with intelligence, integrity, and even joy. In twenty-five years at the bedside, primarily in pediatric emergency medicine, she learned how deeply physicians feel these events and how profoundly they need each other through them. Her mission now is to ensure that no physician walks these roads alone!

She is the creator of "Deposition Magic," a powerful online course for physicians and works with physicians individually and in groups as they turn difficult experiences into growth.

A compelling and highly sought after speaker, she has offered presentations ranging from engaging 20-minute talks to transformative 3-hour interactive presentations to physicians of every specialty. Past engagements include the national conference of the American College of Osteopathic OB/Gyns; annual meetings of the North Carolina Orthopedic Society, Idaho Chapter of American College of Emergency Physicians, and Cleveland Surgical Society; and retreats and summits hosted by the Institute for Physician Wellness and the Foundation for the Pennsylvania Medical Society, among others.

In spring, 2022, she'll speak at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons' annual meeting, the Women Physicians' Wellness conference in Aruba, and at the NYU Langone-Department of Radiology's educational series.


Ready to explore the fascinating science surrounding trauma and find your own path to peace, growth, and joy?

Join Dr. Stacia Dearmin for her new course, "Healing the Heart of the Healer - Moving from Trauma to Growth" at www.thrivephysician.com.

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