Don’t Wing It, Prepare for It: The Power of Having a Deliberate Negotiation Plan Ahead of Time

podcast Jan 20, 2022

Even for the most quick-on-their-feet person, winging it in a negotiation isn’t the most effective approach.

The contract that could make or break your job satisfaction is just too important for you not to prepare in advance.

Just like our oral board exams, we can’t be equipped with the most deliberate answers if we haven’t planned ahead and anticipated the questions we’re going to get.

How does coming up with a plan set you up for success? Why does it lead us closer to the contract we really want?

In this episode, our 1 year anniversary episode, I talk about why winging it is never an option in negotiation.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to avoid settling on a contract that doesn’t truly reflect our value
    Is it possible to set clear expectations when we go into a negotiation with a wing-it mentality?

  • Why we can’t truly advocate for ourselves without preparation
    When we’re unprepared, we are more likely to respond from a defensive place. How does coming up with a plan bypass the automatic brain pathways?

  • How to think like a med student in your negotiation
    Most of the monumentally important things in our careers are the result of intentional preparation. How do we apply the same approach to our negotiations?


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