How to Create Your Own Mentorship Opportunities When They Aren’t Readily Available in Your Immediate Network

podcast Jan 06, 2022

Mentorship is one of the biggest drivers of job satisfaction for female physicians.

What can we do if there aren’t any formal mentorship opportunities with our employers, or if their programs are more lip service than reality?

The good news is, powerhouse physicians are around us, and many of them are readily available to start mentoring us.

Where can we find them and how do we make the ask?

In this episode, I talk about finding mentors in our immediate and extended networks.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to tap into a wider network to find your mentor
    What are some of the places you can run into potential mentors both in real life and virtually?

  • Why more prominent people might not have the capacity for mentorship
    How do we find a mentor who actually has the time, energy and desire to be part of our career trajectory?

  • The best environments to talk to a potential mentor
    Once we’ve identified the right mentor, how do we actually approach them and make the ask?

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