Anatomy of a Transformational Conversation: Words That Create Curiosity and Words That Shut Down All Opportunities for Connection w/Ali Novitsky

podcast Dec 23, 2021

In the last episode, we established that the conversations we have can either create connection or completely shut it down. That difference ultimately comes down to the words we use, and the kinds of chemicals they shoot off in our brains.

Some words and conversations can trigger our fight or flight response, while others trigger happy neurochemical space where transformation is possible.

How do we learn to choose our words more wisely in negotiations?

In today’s episode, Ali Novitsky and I continue our discussion on conversations and how we can improve them.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to take the cortisol out of our conversations
    What are the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and the judgmental beliefs we harbor about others that hamper positive, transformational conversations?

  • Why it’s okay to change our minds
    What we wanted yesterday doesn’t have to be what we want today. How do we create a space for open-mindedness for ourselves and others?

  • The chemical impact of words
    Why do some words and sentences immediately put us into defense-mode and what should we say instead?

Guest Bio

Ali Novitsky is a certified life coach, fitness enthusiast, podcast host and founder of Life Coaching For Women Physicians. Board-certified in Obesity Medicine, her program focuses on overcoming the challenges that physicians face and transforming their thoughts so that they can become the fittest version of themselves in Mind and Body.

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