“You are the CEO of You Inc”: How to Become a Negotiating Ninja by Embracing Entrepreneurship with Dr. Una

podcast Oct 07, 2021

At the negotiating table, we aren’t just physicians - we also have to be entrepreneurs. Even with the most excellent care and clinical skills, we have to be able to articulate the value we provide to the employer.

If you want to show up better, sway people to your opinion, and get paid what you’re worth - thinking like an entrepreneur is critical - in fact, we can’t afford not to in today’s healthcare landscape.

How you’re perceived and how much you can earn is completely up to you, and if you think like the CEO of “You Inc” instead of an employee, you become unstoppable.

How do we milk the most out of every opportunity by changing how we see ourselves? Why is sales an essential part of any negotiation? 

In this episode, I’m joined by an entrepreneur, physician, host of the EntreMD Podcast, and Founder of the EntreMD Business School, Dr. Una. She shares why physicians need to embrace entrepreneurship and how it positions you for success.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The power of doing your homework and uncovering pain points ahead of time
    If we want people to say yes to us, we have to position ourselves as a solution to their problems. How do we tap into the only frequency they care about?

  • Why you need to act like the CEO of your own brand
    Not embracing entrepreneurship isn’t just limiting, it’s dangerous. Why do we have to start seeing ourselves as business owners, especially right NOW.

  • What makes people want to pay us what we’re worth
    How do we overwhelm our employers with value so they have no choice to keep us and pay us more?


Guest Bio

Dr. Una is an entrepreneur, physician, host of the EntreMD Podcast, and Founder of the EntreMD Business School. In the process of building her multi-site pediatric practice, Dr. Una developed a love for entrepreneurship and has since built other thriving businesses as well.

Over the years, she has learned that being a doctor and an entrepreneur do not have to be mutually exclusive. Now she is a better doctor and she has a greater impact on the healthcare industry because she is an entrepreneur.

Dr. Una helps other physicians and dentists build profitable businesses that give them the prestige, money and freedom they have worked so hard for.

For more information visit https://entremd.com and listen to the EntreMD podcast on your platform of choice.


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