From Negotiation-Hesitant to Negotiating Badass: How a Physician Learned to Advocate for Herself w/Dr. Weili Gray

podcast Sep 09, 2021

As female physicians, negotiation is a process that stirs up some uncertainty, hesitation and even intimidation. It feels like something only businesspeople do, and that advocating for ourselves is the opposite of what a “good doctor” should do. 

This is reflective of the socialization we’ve received, and we need to do a hard reset to our mindset to get comfortable with negotiation, and actually feel confident about it. 

In today’s episode, I’m joined by a physician who went from being afraid of negotiation to straight up killing it at the negotiating table, and today she shares her secrets! 

What pivotal moments made the shift possible? How did she start seeing the merits of negotiation? In today’s episode, Board Certified Sleep Physician, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine expert, life planner, and founder of Dare to Dream Physician, Weili Gray reveals how she changed her mindset on negotiation. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The mindset block that makes negotiating difficult
    As physicians, we’re taught to show up and make everyone’s lives easier, so negotiating feels like stirring up unnecessary trouble. Why does this hold us back from getting what we deserve?

  • How a physician realized that negotiation is a good thing
    Life has a way of reminding us what our priorities are. What are the life-altering moments that put Weili Gray on the path to advocating for herself?

  • Why you should own what you bring to the table
    Even on your first day out of training, you already offer a tremendous amount of value. How can you actually start believing that? 


Guest Bio

Dr. Weili Gray is a Board Certified Sleep Physician, and an Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine expert, and a life planner. She is the founder of Dare to Dream Physician. Many physicians today are feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled living a busy life based on someone else’s terms and expectations.


Dr. Gray helps physicians figure out what they really want out of life and how to make their dream life come true sooner than they ever imagined.


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