The Art of the Charm: How to Maximize Influence & Win People Over in the Negotiation Process

podcast Aug 19, 2021

In many ways, influence is a big part of being a physician, from getting our patients to follow our treatment plans, to negotiating a package that reflects our worth. Actually, influence is key to communicating in just about every area of our lives, but how do we foster and develop it?

There’s a range of outcomes that can happen for you in a negotiation, and you want to end up in the space that’s closest to your goals. Influence is the key to getting that result, and walking out with a good deal.

What steps can we take to maximize our influence skills, and how will it improve the negotiation process?

In this episode, I talk about the role influence plays in getting what you want at the negotiating table.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why criticism can be harmful
    What’s the difference between being constructive and being critical in a negotiation?

  • How to start the negotiation on the right foot
    Beginning a negotiation on common ground sets you up for a great outcome, but how do you actually find it?

  • The power of building your influence muscle
    How does influence help us squeeze more out of a negotiation, and get a lot more than we bargained for?

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