Is this the Truth or a Story? How to Confront, Challenge & Combat the Negative Stories that Get in the Way of Your Negotiation

podcast Aug 05, 2021

Human beings have a knack for telling ourselves stories about what we’re capable of, and very often, these stories are so concrete they start to feel an awful lot like truth.

As real as they feel, doubt-filled and self-defeatist beliefs are NOT indisputable truths. Until we separate the two and challenge the stories, we’ll get tripped up by them, and struggle to nail our negotiations.

How do you dig deep into your belief system and pull out the stories that get in your way?

In this episode, I’m going to share a simple exercise that will help you advocate for yourself instead of selling yourself short. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The best mindset for a successful negotiation
    Your pre-game mental framework is an important piece of a successful negotiation. How do you identify the deep-rooted beliefs that are secretly running the show and affecting your confidence? 

  • How to shift to a better story 
    When the stories we tell ourselves get too big, too negative and deviate too far from the facts, is there any harm in deliberately pivoting to a more helpful story? 

  • Why you have to remember what makes you an asset
    Whether you feel it or not, you are fabulous in so many ways, more than capable, and you bring so many assets and skill sets to the table. Why is it so hard to see it sometimes?

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