Earning What You're Worth Isn't Greedy: How to Overcome a Harmful Limiting Belief

podcast May 20, 2021

Women have been conditioned to believe that wanting a salary that reflects our value is an act of greed. This is not a mindset built for optimizing your success.  

While there are societal constructs that hold us back, carrying around beliefs that don’t serve us is a huge barrier too. 

We have enough barriers to contend with already so taking our self doubt off the list makes the path to what we want a lot smoother. 

How do we combat the belief that wanting a better package is selfish? In the final part of our three-part series, I talk about how to bust through a huge internal obstacle to earning your full potential, and stop feeling guilty about negotiating for a better package. 



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to stop letting societal constructs define us 
    We can’t fix societal constructs overnight, but refusing to believe them ourselves does empower us. How do we start investing in beliefs that actually serve us? 

  • Why personal gains and social gains don’t have to be competing forces 
    We’re taught that getting the salary we want can only happen at the expense and inconvenience of everyone else. In reality, does anyone suffer when we’re paid our worth? 

  • The harm of showing up to a negotiation with limiting beliefs 
    As soon as we think we’re being greedy, we start negotiating from a place of fear. How do we mentally equip ourselves to show up confidently?

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