Group Negotiations Are Actually a Good Thing...Here’s How to Win

podcast Apr 22, 2021

Group negotiations are something we’re starting to see more of in the post-2020 healthcare landscape. 

While it presents a whole new layer of complexity for physicians, negotiating as a collective can actually work in our favor. It’s still possible for us to negotiate contracts that reflect what we’re worth, and we can even achieve wins for entire departments and specialties. 

This doesn’t happen in a vacuum, though. We need to do our homework. 

How do we evaluate what’s most important and take everyone’s priorities into account? In this episode, I talk about how to navigate a group negotiation and set everyone up for success. 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why preparing for the negotiation as a group protects us 
    Group negotiations require as much preparation as individual ones. If the group shows up unprepared, you’re leaving the negotiation up to your reactionary skills, and that’s not ideal. 

  • How to get on the same page about what matters 
    Different people are going to have different priorities as they head into a group negotiation. It’s important to meet as a group ahead of time to get on the same page and make sure you’re one united front. 

  • How to avoid undervaluing ourselves in group negotiations 
    Negotiating as a group may increase our leverage, but we still need to do the work to get clarity on your goals and priorities. That way, we can present them and negotiate accounting for the value we bring to the table.

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