Negotiation for Physicians: How to Ask For What You Want Without Fear or Guilt with Dr. Katrina Ubell

podcast Sep 21, 2023

The pay gap in medicine is something we’re all too familiar with.

While some of it is certainly systemic and structural - there is a mindset piece where we have to bring ourselves to the table.

To get jobs and packages that align with our worth, we have to learn to ask for what we want.

Between our societal and medical socialization, that can be hard to do, but not impossible.

How do we overcome the mindset blocks that make it hard to advocate for ourselves?

Why is preparation so critical to our success at the negotiating table?

In this episode, I join physician and master certified life coach, and CEO at Weight Loss for Busy Physicians, Dr. Katrina Ubell on her podcast: Weight Loss for Busy Physicians.

We discuss the mindset and approach to a successful negotiation.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Facts vs. the stories we tell ourselves about the facts
    How do we approach negotiation with a more productive mindset instead of an us vs. them mentality?

  • Mental barriers to advocating for ourselves
    As women and doctors, we’re socialized to play nice in the sandbox and be grateful for what we have. How do we overcome this mindset?

  • A rising tide raises all ships
    We often think only of how a negotiation benefits us, but can advocate for ourselves to improve the lives of others?


Guest Bio

Dr. Katrina Ubell is a physician and master certified life coach, CEO at Weight Loss for Busy Physicians, and author of “How to Lose Weight for the Last Time: Brain-Based Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss”.

She specializes in helping women-identifying doctors who overeat. Her clients no longer need food to make their lives tolerable, resulting in freedom around food and for many, weight loss.

Get Dr. Ubell’s newest book “How to Lose Weight for the Last Timehere.




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