Physicians Who Lead Part 3: Leading People Doing Jobs You're Not Familiar With w/Jen Thornton

podcast Sep 07, 2023

Having an exceptional clinical skill set doesn’t magically translate into great leadership in a world that’s evolving at breakneck speed.

At some point we’ll find ourselves leading people whose jobs we don’t know how to do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be effective leaders.

Whether we’re working with different specialties or people with an entirely different skill set and perspective, we have to approach the challenge like CEOs.

How do we gain the confidence to lead in an unfamiliar area?

What are the key skills we need to have?

In this episode, I’m continuing my leadership series with the founder and CEO of 304 Coaching, Jen Thornton.

We talk about leading in an area that’s not your forte.

Jen is available this month (September) in the NegotiatHER facebook group. If you have any questions bring them to her there!

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • We’re all leading in uncharted territory
    Even if we’re leading in a field we know, is the world moving so fast that even the familiar can quickly become an unknown?

  • Bridging the gap and understanding a different thinking model
    Sometimes the people we’re leading don’t think that we understand where they’re coming from. How do we remedy this?

  • I don’t see it but change my mind
    Why is this a statement more leaders should be saying more often?


Guest Bio

Jen Thornton is a Talent Strategy and Leadership Consultant and the founder and CEO of 304 Coaching. Jennifer has made it her life’s work to grow the kind of teams that inspire, influence, and innovate brand experience.

Jen knows just how powerful teams can be when they feel psychologically safe and invested in - and she knows just how crucial that is to any organization that wants to rapidly grow and expand. She brings an unconventional approach to designing innovative workforce development solutions for companies that are facing breakthrough growth and accelerated hiring patterns and the results are expectation-defying and impactful.

Jennifer is credentialed through the International Coaching Federation and holds certification in several accredited methodologies, including Conversation Intelligence and Gallup Strengths.

For more information, head to and listen to her podcast, Let’s Fix Leadership on your platform of choice.




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