When Work Lives Rent-Free in Your Head, Evict It

podcast Aug 10, 2023

Our jobs naturally occupy a fair amount of our time and mental space.

When that follows us off the clock, we’re letting work live rent free in our heads.

Of course, there are times we’re brainstorming solutions creatively, but I’m talking about the silent vent sessions and brain tantrums that sap our energy and make work feel even harder.

How do we stop thinking about work when we aren’t at work?

Today, you’ll learn what to do when work starts to dominate your thoughts, round the clock.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Striking a healthy balance
    What’s the difference between thinking about work in a healthy way and it living in your head rent-free?

  • How to transition from doctor you to “everything else” you
    Doing our jobs and living our lives can easily bleed into each other. How do we decompress between one part of our lives and the others?

  • Occupy your brain with thoughts that serve you
    Instead of ruminating about work all day, how do we set aside time to brainstorm solutions proactively?




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