Eliminate the Stress of a Negotiation Before You Even Show Up

podcast Jul 13, 2023

By their very nature, negotiations are high cortisol events, and that can make it hard to feel good about how we show up.

Thankfully, stress can be managed, reduced, or even eliminated by having a battle plan before the negotiation.

It eliminates ambiguity, builds up confidence, and ultimately makes us advocate for ourselves more effectively.

What steps can we take to reduce stress on the front end?

In this episode, I share strategies that will help you get ready for the negotiation.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Any plan is better than no plan
    Are we going to be more at ease when we show up prepared?

  • Crowdsource for success
    How can insight from other people help us show up more confidently?

  • Use data to your advantage
    Data makes us more confident. How do we arm ourselves with valuable information before the negotiation?




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