Autonomy is…Freedom in the Workplace: How Do We Achieve It?

podcast Jul 06, 2023

There’s no greater expression of freedom in the workplace than autonomy.

Building autonomy into our jobs is as essential as being paid appropriately for what we’re doing.

It’s well-documented that autonomy contributes to greater job satisfaction and retention.

How do we make it a part of our jobs?

In this week’s episode, as we think of the idea of freedom - I talk about autonomy and how to make it part of work.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Autonomy can be a win-win
    How do we show that autonomy doesn’t just benefit us, but our employers too?

  • The traits of high autonomy environments
    What has to exist in culture for autonomy to be achievable?

  • Autonomous employees are more loyal
    Can autonomy make a difference in someone staying in the job long term?




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