All the Feels: How to Deal with Conflicting Emotions Around a Negotiation

podcast May 25, 2023

An impending negotiation can spark many different emotions, from anticipation and hope to nervousness and even dread.

What if all those emotions show up all at once, creating a simmering stew of overwhelm?

Not good.

We’re not always going to go into a negotiation feeling 100% positive about it, and that’s okay.

It’s important, however, to parse through those emotions so we can effectively go to bat for ourselves.

How do we work through a hodgepodge of emotions if the negotiation has us all over the place?

In this episode, I talk about getting into the right headspace if you’re feeling all the things.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • A thought download exercise
    If the negotiation is bringing up all sorts of feelings, how do we sort through them?

  • Fact vs. story
    Can we decide the thoughts we want to show up with even if parts of the situation are out of our control?

  • Choose success ahead of time
    Agreement or no agreement, how do we make sure we come out of a negotiation feeling good about ourselves?




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