Use This Brain Hack Next Time You Want to Say "I Have To"

podcast Apr 06, 2023

“Ugh, I have to be on call AGAIN”, “I have to wash my kids’ clothes for school.”

We all have the bad habit of using words like have to and can’t in just about every area of our lives.

The problem is: it disempowers us and robs us of the agency we have to make decisions for ourselves.

How do we start challenging this language and change our self-talk?

In this episode, I talk about choice and why we have to change our language about it.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The difference between being trapped and setting boundaries
    How do we start seeing the choices we make as empowered actions to create the best circumstances for ourselves?

  • Choosing in alignment with our values
    When we say we have to do something, we forget that our values are what drive our actions. How do we remind ourselves?

  • How to challenge your self-talk
    How do we break the habit of saying we have to or we can’t and replace that language with something more helpful?


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