Deadlines Aren't as Rigid as You Think...Here's How to Challenge Them

podcast Mar 30, 2023

From school assignments to work projects and even everyday decisions, we’ve been socialized to believe that deadlines are absolute, but are they really?

There’s something disempowering about a rigid deadline, especially when we’re trying to decide on a job offer, but we can totally challenge that.

How do we gently push back on a deadline?

In this episode, I’m talking about deadlines and why they might not be as set in stone as we believe.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • When you feel pressured to decide
    When we’re given a deadline, it’s hard to make a decision from a deliberate, unrushed place. How do we get ourselves out of fight or flight mode?

  • How to politely push back on a deadline
    Can you still advocate for yourself when the deadline is a rigid one?

  • How to buy time when you need it
    Is it possible to ask an employer for more time on a decision?


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