The Real Estate Saga Continues: What 2 Failed Deals Taught Me About Negotiation

podcast Mar 16, 2023

Whether you’re trying to get your dream package, get your kids to do something, or buy a home, negotiation skills come in handy in many situations in our lives.

This is very true in my real estate adventures over the last year as we’ve been trying to buy a lake property.

After 2 attempts that didn’t go the way we planned, we finally got something (yay), but I don’t consider the last two attempts as failures.

What did I learn from the deals that didn’t go through?

In this episode, I share more lessons from my lake home misadventures and how we can apply them to employee negotiations.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • A lessons in when to walk away
    Do we reserve the right to back out from something that won’t work for us?

  • Failed negotiations aren’t a failure
    What lessons can we extract from the negotiations that stall or even collapse entirely?

  • To counter or not to counter
    How do we know it’s fine to accept the deal instead of holding out for something better?


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