The End of Non-Compete Clauses? Removing This Barrier Would be a Massive Win

podcast Jan 12, 2023

Non-compete clauses have never been beneficial to physicians.

They are notoriously difficult to negotiate out of.

They keep us trapped in toxic work cultures, and they back us into career moves that can be harmful.

I’d also argue that non-competes also harm employers and the economy as a whole.

Removing this barrier would be highly beneficial to a lot of people, so I'm encouraged by the FTC’s proposal to end non-compete clauses.

What would changing this rule mean for physicians?

In this episode, I share my thoughts on the proposal to ban non-competes.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The problem with handcuffing people to the job
    Is there a better and more humane way to increase retention and encourage physicians to be loyal?

  • Why physician burnout needs to be a solved at the systemic level
    How do we create work cultures that support less burnout?

  • What happens next
    Before the decision is made, what actions can we take?




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