Job Values: How to Identify the Intangibles that Preserve Your Happiness at Work

podcast Dec 29, 2022

When we talk about finding that right-fit job, the checklist is usually centered on salary, benefits, schedule, and the tangible things that ensure that it reflects our worth.

The less tangible things also require some thought too, and they can have a bigger impact on how well we thrive in our roles.

Enjoying your job and feeling like your values are being met preserves our happiness and our longevity in medicine, so it’s worth pinpointing them.

How do we identify the values that matter most to us and apply them to our current or next jobs?

In this episode, I talk about how to uncover what truly makes you happy at work.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why our values can help us keep burnout at bay
    Can being in alignment make us more productive and purposeful at work?

  • The win-win of focusing on your values
    Why is it so much easier to go above and beyond in our work when it aligns with what makes us happy?

  • How to apply your values to your current job or job search
    Can you use your list of values to make changes to your existing job?




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