The Surprising Benefit of Not Setting Goals: Why I'm Trying Un-Goals Instead

podcast Dec 22, 2022

From finishing med school to reaching a certain income level, most of us live our lives by outcome-based, tick-the-box goals - but what if this approach just limits us?

We’ve been indoctrinated with the idea of setting goals, but having such concrete resolutions can rob us of opportunities to fully enrich our lives.

How do we shift from hard-coded goals to a driving principle for the year?

How do we hold our lives to something less tangible?

In this episode, I share why in 2023, I’m trying un-goals on for size.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why goals can keep us from our highest potential
    Can we still make amazing things happen without an outcome pulling us?

  • How to hold yourself accountable to something intangible
    If you thrive around the structure of a concrete goal how do you stay motivated?

  • How to live towards your values
    Once we’ve set our un-goal for the year, how can you modify the different buckets of our lives to align with it?




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