Don't Ignore Your Intuition: Why It Might Be Your Greatest Ally in a Negotiation

podcast Dec 08, 2022

Call it gut instinct, a weird vibe, your sixth sense, or your brain picking up subtle cues, intuition is something we all have.

As physicians, we get so caught up in the logic of things, it’s really easy to shrug off a gut instinct as unreliable, but what if the little nagging feeling holds a lot more wisdom than you give it credit for?

In many ways, we subconsciously know what’s best for us, so ignoring our intuition can actually be detrimental.

Do our instincts provide useful information we should include in our decision-making?

How can our intuition serve us in a negotiation?

In this episode, I talk about why we shouldn’t dismiss our intuition before listening to what it has to say.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why we shouldn’t underestimate our intuition
    Intuition might not be as woo-woo as you think. Could those nagging feelings be backed by science?

  • Why your gut instinct serves you in a negotiation
    Listening to your intuition doesn’t mean abandoning all logic, but can this subtle wisdom actually give our rational side a boost?

  • The difference between fear and intuition
    How do we make sure we’re not making a decision just because the alternative feels scary?

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