Mindset: How to Get a Contract That Serves You & Reflects Your Value

podcast Jan 20, 2021

Many physicians do not believe that being paid their worth is possible in corporate medicine today. 

But a lot is at stake if we don’t take the time to optimize our potential and negotiate a contract that reflects the value we have to offer. Physicians are highly intelligent and well-qualified people. Any time we feel like we’re undervalued, that we have no autonomy, sense of control, or that we’ve been forced into a box, we compromise ourselves.  

It’s time to redesign the box so that it fits you. 

This podcast, Simply Worth It, is going to help you become confident and unstoppable in your negotiation. You are amazing and you offer a skill set that has value. You should be paid what you’re worth. 

How do we stop limiting ourselves with thoughts that sabotage us in our negotiations and careers? 

In today’s episode, I lay out the mindset for negotiating a contract that serves you. 



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to prepare for a successful negotiation outcome
    You can get a contract that serves you in 3 simple steps. Mindset, market, and making it happen. Your mindset is a very important first step.  


  • Why the discomfort of negotiation is short-term
    There’s temporary discomfort in negotiating your contract, but the long-term discomfort of not negotiating is a greater risk. If you sign a contract that doesn’t line up with your worth, you will feel undervalued, lose your confidence, and risk getting burnt out.  


  • How to shift the energy of our negotiation 
    We often go into a negotiation with a ‘me vs. them’ attitude towards the person we’re negotiating with. That makes the goal feel unattainable while making it hard to take the first step. Shift from a ‘me vs. them’ attitude into a collaborative effort. This makes it easier for all parties to move the negotiation forward.


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