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Start Your Contract Negotiation Confident & Prepared With the DIY Toolkit

You’ve worked hard and sacrificed for decades to become a doctor. 

Now it’s time to negotiate an employment contract that reflects all the value you offer as a skilled physician.

Invest in yourself and learn negotiation skills that will set you (and your compensation) apart from others.

This DIY Toolkit takes you through each component of a negotiation. 

  • Strengthen your mindset to negotiate with confidence.
  • Understand how your value meets the organization’s needs.
  • Create minimum necessary standards for your contract, and alternatives for any obstacle encountered.

Designed exclusively FOR PHYSICIANS.

Inside Your DIY Toolkit


  1. Mindset Mastery - Mastering Your Mindset and Theirs
  2. Market Research - What Should You Be Earning?
  3. Mutual Goals - Start on Common Ground
  4. Leverage - Amplifying Their Perceived Loss and Minimizing Yours
  5. Obstacles - Prepare and Strategize for Anticipated Hurdles to Yes

Bonuses - Virtual Negotiation Tips, Why Allies Matter & How to Create Them

MGMA pay data for your specialty & region

Worksheets to reflect on each part of the negotiation

And More  -

  • Add on a personalized strategy session with Linda at a special price
  • Unlimited access to this toolkit, including future updates

Start your employment with a fair contract that reflects your value as a physician.

We are committed to helping you negotiate a contract that you are proud of.