Too many physicians default to ineffective strategies when it comes to contracts and they:

Try to be a ‘Good Doctor’ and blindly trust the contract offer is fair

Show up without a plan and ‘figure it out’ in the moment

Think it doesn’t matter and focus on getting to work

Don’t be underpaid and undervalued from the beginning of your employment


Take control of your career and negotiate a contract that reflects your worth as a physician.

Understand the Data

Get your personalized MGMA pay data for your specialty & region

Step into Your Value

Leverage your value with the organization’s needs & be clear on the skills, experiences and strengths that set you apart from others

Communicate with ease

Be prepared for every aspect of the negotiation (including when & how to walk away)

--- Introducing ---

We’ve got you covered:


✓ Strengthen your mindset to negotiate with confidence

✓ Understand how your value and strengths meet the organization’s needs

✓ Advocate for yourself with market research on national and regional physician pay data

✓ Create minimum necessary standards for your contract

✓ Identify obstacles that may arise so you're prepared


We believe ALL physicians deserve fair compensation.

Negotiating confidently is the way to achieve this.

Our DIY Toolkit will show you how to:


↳ Negotiate thousands of dollars in higher compensation

↳ Create opportunities within your contract that seem impossible:

  • Research or Teaching time
  • Working remotely
  • Additional training or fellowship
  • Innovative clinics or initiatives to enhance patient care

↳ Look forward to negotiating & advocating for your career


The DIY Toolkit is an online course designed exclusively FOR PHYSICIANS BY A PHYSICIAN. 

Module One: Mindset Mastery - Mastering Your Mindset and Theirs

Module Two: Market Research - What Should You Be Earning?

Module Three: Mutual Goals - Start on Common Ground.  

Module Four: Leverage - Amplifying Their Perceived Loss and Minimizing Yours

Module Five: Obstacles - Prepare and Strategize for Anticipated Hurdles to Yes

Bonuses - Virtual Negotiation Tips, Why Allies Matter & How to Create Them


1. Complete the Online Course

2. Negotiate with Confidence

3. Celebrate Your Results


Be Valued & Compensated for the Skilled Physician YOU ARE


At Simply Street MD we know that you want to be confident negotiating an employment contract.  Except, there’s been no training to help you develop these important skills.  It’s just wrong to be a skilled physician and feel like you have the weaker hand when it comes to contracts.

The medical culture expects physicians to work hard and ask for little in return.  Linda combines experience as a negotiation coach & medical subspecialist with the national pay data to help you learn the techniques to thrive in any negotiation.

Stop trying to convince yourself that an initial employment offer is good enough.


Instead, invest in yourself and learn the skills to negotiate well.  Celebrate a contract that reflects your worth as a physician.


“You have actually made me excited to negotiate!”

~ Katie Deming, MD

“I was a military physician searching for my first civilian job and had zero experience negotiating contracts when I met Dr. Linda Street. She helped rid me of imposter syndrome, dispelled common myths of physician contracts, and highlighted typical anti-physician language in many contracts.

With her coaching, I successfully negotiated and signed a forever guaranteed contract at 75% MGMA for my specialty, 2x larger signing bonus, shorter initial contract length, and secured a 4-day work week.”

~ Beth Gaida, MD

“Before I worked with Linda, I was apprehensive and intimidated by my lack of knowledge with contracts and negotiation.  I was surprised by how easily I was able to apply her process and how much more confident I became in my worth as a graduating resident.  She coached me to use stronger, more confident (and less apologetic) language, which I believe greatly influenced my results.”

~ Sonya Rice Thompson, MD

“Before working with Linda, I felt nervous and unprepared.  I was surprised there was a learnable roadmap as far as strategy.  I was also surprised by how underpaid we are in Pediatrics. 

After working together, I felt in control.  I knew my worth and was prepared with MGMA data.  The initial contract offer was less than my salary after residency 8 years ago.  I responded confidently with facts and value, and the follow-up offer was much better!

I am thrilled with the results and proud of myself.  It was actually easier than I thought it would be with the mindset of being in control from the beginning.  The return on investment from negotiation coaching was huge - a raise, better schedule, no nights/holidays and working only one Saturday per month.”

~ Michelle Quirk, MD


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